Our Services

Consultancy Services

We provide management consultancy services to support Small, Medium Enterprises, Social Enterprises, Charities, Public Services and other Not for Profit organisations. 

We are adept at leadership capacity building, helping you plan your start-up or business growth or delivering solution focussed change management programmes.

Thought & Impact Business Planning
Supporting your senior leadership team to develop your strategic business plan

Business Analysis

Big Lottery Strengths Reviews

Competitor Analysis

Joint Venture Planning

Acquisition & Merger

Recovery Plans
Support for your senior leadership team

Support for Board of Directors/Trustees

Change Management

Interim Executive

Interim Management

Project & Programme Management
Lead on a new phase of work - business expansion, contraction or start-up.

Diversify your business portfolio

Lead or quality assess your tender bids for new business;

Support acquisition and merger, identify target businesses and support the change management process 
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